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Our company offers over 25 years of experience with the goal of compliance through education.


Our company originally started as Kraft Engineering in 1998 to serve municipalities and their engineering needs. In 1999, Kraft Code Services was formed as a “sister” company to assist municipalities to comply with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC). Throughout the years, the two companies worked together and merged in 2023 to become Kraft Municipal Group Inc. As of today, our office includes 11 full-time inspectors, 2 full-time engineers and 4 full-time administrative staff to serve our over 25 municipal clients.

Kraft Municipal Group Inc. is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry as a Third Party Agency to perform Uniform Construction Code services. Our staff experience includes Commercial and Residential Building Inspections and Reviews for all disciplines (including electric, energy and accessibility), Zoning Administration, Property Maintenance and Engineering. Our Building Code Officials are members of the Berks County Building & Code Association and the Pennsylvania Association of Building Code Officials.


Our mission is to ensure compliance with building codes and other construction industry regulatory standards by educating and informing municipalities, contractors, businesses, and homeowners.


The Kraft Municipal Group main office is conveniently located in Shillington, Pennsylvania, a central location which allows us to better serve our municipalities.

Kraft Municipal Group Entrance
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